Texas Licensed Mold Remediation

Fresh Air of San Antonio is licensed by the state of Texas, (LICENSE# RCO0176), as a MOLD REMEDIATION COMPANY.

Residential homes where a fungus is present within the structure has an adverse effect on the health of the home's occupants. Infants and the elderly are at the highest risk for health problems due to their weakened immune systems.

Due to this potential harm, any water intrusion into a building should b be handled quickly and professionally as to ensure a healthy living environment of the homes inhabitants.

What are some of the signs of mold contamination?

  • Visible Mold Growth

  • Musty or earthy odor that is most noticeable when you first enter a structure or room. Your nose will become desensitized to it in about 10 seconds

  • Headaches and allergic reaction when within the environment

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Fresh Air provides specialized Environment Services in Structural and Content Remediation

Step-By-Step Process:

  1. A licensed consultant will develop a remediation protocol. Fresh Air will provide a work plan and submit all necessary forms to the building owner/manager and the Texas Department of Health.

  2. Contaminated work areas are isolated form clean areas with plastic sheeting barriers to prevent contaminates from spreading. Texas licensed supervisors and registered workers will perform all remediation activities.

  3. Personal contaminated contents are removed from the remediation areas of the home and cleaned.

  4. Surfaces are cleaned and cleared and treated for contaminants using HEPA vacuuming and biocide solution. Porous material will be bagged, sealed and properly disposed of.

  5. After the remediated area passes mold clearance testing by a third party, your home is turned over to the general contractor of your choice for home reconstruction.

  6. Your valuables can be returned to your home after being safely stored in our facilities.