Residential Air-Duct Cleaning

Fresh Air of San Antonio provides routine cleaning and sanitation of heating and air-conditioning systems will help control the gathering of mold, mildew, dust mites, pollen, bacteria, and viruses, which incubate within your system.

A clean and sanitized heating and air-conditioning system will enhance the overall quality of life and energy cost linked to, "sick building syndrome." Certified by the A.S.C.R., Fresh Air can help improve your indoor air quality.

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Step-By-Step Process:
  1. Beginning with each supply and return air vent, we removed, pressure wash, and sanitize.

  2. Using soft bristled brushes and compressed air, we begin loosening dust and debris within the ducts all the way to the unit. A high powered HEPA vacuum draws all debris immediately encountered out of the ductwork. The HEPA system filters the air ensuring that the air flowing from the machine is contaminated free.

  3. We refer to our method of air duct cleaning as source removal. Meaning that we not only clean the ducts but also the heating and coiling coil, blowers, interior housing, drip pans and drain pipe. This extra step insures that when the unit is turned on, the clean ducts are not re-contaminated and your heating and air-conditioning system will operate at it's most cost efficient potential.

  4. We use an EPA registered Biocide to fog the entire system to rid it of any mold, mildew, dust mites, allergen spores, and any other living bacteria. This process ensures that all dust, debris and bacteria are cleaned out of the system---allowing for a healthy living environment.

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