Residential Dryer Duct Vent Cleaning

Residential dryer vent lines provide an escape route for lint and other objects caught within your vent lines. When these objects accumulate within these lines, proper ventilation of your system is hindered, causing your dryer motors and coils to work overtime, which could lead to motor replacement and an increase in overall energy cost. These variables eventually could lead to a fire hazard.

We recommend bi-yearly cleaning of dryer vent lines. This service involves much of the same processes we use to clean and sanitize heating and air-conditioning systems.

Residential Chimney Sweeping

Fresh Air also provides chimney sweeping for your home. Fresh Air's chimney sweeping method involves the use of hard bristled brushes and compressed air to loosen soot and debris from the chimney hearth, bath-call, clamper, and flue. At the same time, we utilized a high-powered HEPA vacuum to draw all debris immediately encountered by the hard bristles our of the chimney's components.

We recommend yearly chimney maintenance.

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